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Skullcap - Scutellaria galericulata

  • Kornelia
    I had expected something different....maybe my imagination differed completely from the effect. It was not bad but not what I wanted. I should have read more about it...for me it was too flashy.

  • DSL
    The skullcap tea is very relaxing and suitable for calming down stress. You'll get a good nigt sleep after drinking this tea :)

  • Traducido de German Marcel
    Really a great herb.

  • Traducido de French Jibe
    A very good relaxant. Not for getting high but if you are looking for something for the tough days and a quiet evening, this product is perfect. The first effects are like a boost and you feel lighter. On the other hand, if you smoke it, I advise you to put a little tobacco and a good filter because it tears the throat out. If you suck like a sick person, it stings badly.

  • Traducido de French KIAN
    too good for the price that it costs really well ... I advise it to smoke (make big fart) the effect is like weed ... in any case c really better than smoking old chite all rotten and c cheaper .other advises mixed with damiana c stronger. on the other hand it is necessary to abit the taste c good but it smashes the throat a little ... thank you shayana I am wallows ...


Scutellaria Galericulata

La Skullcap era usada por diversas tribus americanas; la recomendaban para liberarse del dolor de cabeza y afecciones semejantes.
Muchos físicos del siglo XIX usaron la Escutelaria con éxito en el tratamiento de enfermedades nerviosas, convulsiones, neuralgia, insomnio, estrés e incluso tétano. Estos usos llegan hasta hoy, a pesar de que es poco el esfuerzo científico llevado a cabo para conocer las propiedades de la Escutelaria.


Proporciona relax, reduce dolores menstruales, estrés, dolores de cabeza e insomnio.


Precipitar 30 gr. en agua hirviendo y dejar hervir durante 15 min. filtrar después. Añadir miel o lo que se desee para mejorar su sabor, beber, luego, una o dos tazas. También se puede fumar, con tabaco o pura.