• Sontag
    Super popers le meilleur de tous d’ailleurs !! Sans hésitez il vous amène dans un autre monde vraiment plus que les autres ! Les effets sont courts (Du moins classique) mais la montée est fabuleuse ! Vous l’avez compris je le recommande vivement :)

  • Traducido de French amstaff50
    Barely received and hop to try by my girlfriend and me! ;) 1 sniff in the bottle and immediate effect bamm for my girlfriend who these excite like an animal lol. Question dilation of the pupils and feeling of heat and euphoria at the very beginning uncontrollable laughter and after its this calm! ;) We recommend and thank you chanaya

  • Traducido de French quentin
    Practical, inexpensive and easy to carry, the eagle bill satisfies me fully. Only downside, the grid which is used to close the compartment is not really practical and easily lost. I advise you to take a small plastic cap (water bottle style) to make a hole in it for the call of air and to place it on the vaporizer to act as a clasp. Ps: remember not to heat the bubble for more than 10-15 seconds, this may blacken your mixture.

Super Rush Black Label Liquid Incense

Super Rush Black Label Incienso Líquido

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