• Traducido de French Soulmate
    Thank you, everything was there ... After 3 weeks of love and humidification, plus a few days of waiting, all the conditions were met for the perfect trip. Close friends, a gradual and gentle climb, then finally "here we are"! The dancing shadows, the new colors, the understanding of his place in the universe then the spirit which springs out of the body to cry with life and tell his best friend that we have known each other for several reincarnations! The awareness of a parallel universe where outside of material the soul can travel and express itself at the speed of a ball of light ... A connection is established with everything that surrounds our universe

  • Traducido de German Peter
    I've been dealing with mycology for a long time and this is garbage! Get 4 boxes and only 1 box has managed to develop fruit! The McKenna Box already arrived with slightly yellowish dots that have multiplied and contaminated everything! I treated all boxes exactly the same and only one in four grows something. Very bad quality, sorry but that's the way it is! Sending contaminated kits ... PS: A discount voucher for another kit is nonsense, a shame about the money and all hope

  • Edip
    they are comin in 6 days in turkey.. growing now. I'm soexcited.. lets look whats gona be..

  • Patricia
    Everybody loves mushrooms, especially the strongest ones! never tried these ones before but all the other varieties from shayana were great so this one called by the name of the great mushrooms' eater can't be less fulfilling for the mind, i'm just throwing random words in here to reach 100 words have fun

  • Brice
    I order shrooms for the first time, and I never grow this before. Packet arrived a few days after, on time. I did not excpect to get so many shrooms ! I probably had to harvest them 5 or 6 times, and i proabably had a total of 45g dry. I spent 10 days to eat them all, and trust me, I now beleive in God :).

  • tom
    Exellent service very discreet and received in 4 days one very healthy box of mycelium.its soaking now as I write this.very happy with the service and will definitely recommend shayana and be using you again. Thankyou shayana shop top service.😊

  • Traducido de French Arnaud
    Received within days! Thank you for the discretion, I will keep you informed of the evolution;)

  • Traducido de French kolpinski
    hello, great kit because great site, thank you shayana;)

  • Traducido de French
    Nice, received in 5 days but without notice to predict on http://www.growbox.org/fr/ your news in after harvest

  • Traducido de French champ
    2 weeks to have my order otherwise nikel champi grows very well 3 rd harvest .... 3 gram dry and good ride a lot of fun and a lot of yawning

  • Traducido de French Pakorek
    Hi !!! Once again, order arrived very quickly, discreet package, what happiness! I've been ordering from shayanashop for years, and I've never been disappointed! Both on the service and on the quality Thank you again for everything and see you soon =) Peace

  • Traducido de French Arnaud
    And there you have it, the first harvest! 160g fresh ... Héhé, it must hit within 17g sec. We'll see for the second! ;) Thanks again: D

  • Traducido de French LANGLOIS
    Received in 1 week and 3 days. Result 1st fluch collected, the second is there. Everyone who tasted them came back to me to tell me: Hey man, your mushrooms are so good! Thank you Shayana, I will be recommending soon :)

  • Traducido de French RastaJamAmsterdam
    The most productive cultivation kit, I've ever seen this, my kit is at the 10th flush, total harvest of at least 85og and it's not over, the 11th is on its way, really enough to stock up !!

  • Traducido de German Martin
    Just great again! Ordered last Friday and already there yesterday (3 working days for shipping). Scheduled today and the first flush in about 2 weeks (has always been so far :-))). So I can only recommend the shayanashop, never problems and if you have any questions, the support usually answers within 1-2 hours. greetings Martin

  • Traducido de French HEUTTE
    Always very fast shipping with Shayana, thank you! I chose these champy to change the Mexicans, and I was afraid, after 15 days almost no mycelium which developed, suddenly I put the box in the fridge for 24 hours to shock the cold . I waited a few days and finally after 3 weeks, it grows and it stops, I had to take the cake out of the box (culture made in a frande box with humidity and air constantly) there is champy everywhere, on the sides and below, I let them grow. VERY SLOW GROWTH compared to Mexicans it will be a month and I haven't harvested everything yet, because the collar is slow to tear because the hats open very slowly (about 1 week compared to 1 day for Mexicans) Very nice mushroom, not yet tested, but to see the omnipresent blue color inside the champy (psylocibine) it will hurt!

  • Asger
    Very good and fast delivery, i recived a healthy box of mycelium, and it did not take more than some days for the first pins to show. And after just 8 days a had a nice flush of good looking shrooms. I was pretty freaking amazed about how fast these grew, i really did not expect that.

  • richard
    Wow what can I say,my second kit and this type was the more potent I tried these dry first but it took a few hours to come up I only ate about 20gs worth (when fresh not dry) and was tripping for about 6 wanderful hours quite intense but so much fun I didn't want to move a lot maybe that was due to the super silver haze I was toking with the shrooms.i must have got atlases 500gs of fresh shrooms off my second kit wel worth the wait but grows very wel with tepid water in the spray bottle. I done 40gs of fresh on my next adventure very intense I loved every second of it I watched the film dread and then sucker punch two very good films to watch while on shrooms wel done shayana ur my new hero keep up the wanderous work you dudes do thank you

  • Gabriel
    Fast delivery, after 6 days i got the package in Denmark, thanks shayanashop, updates on how the effekt is will come in a few week Gabriel :)

  • Traducido de French Chyste
    Excellent! Very good trip! 1st flush 246g! And there are techniques to make very good returns! With a box I made more than 1KG of yield and effect ensures! You can overdo it in terms of quantity, but the problem is that you won't stop laughing! To see if this is a problem! Question super effect! For those who do not like the visual effects too violent c what you need! The effect lasts about 4 hours very very good delirium! I advise you! If you have tested any who have let me know more! Thanks to plus bon trip!

  • Traducido de German Benjamin
    Oh dear kids hygiene does not seem to be your stability .... How about you waddle instead of annoy, why this holy shit, does not grow or thrive with you .... xD. I'm extremely satisfied, the smallest. Pils is 22cm tall ...;))

  • Patrick
    Fantastic as always. Big love good trip! !

  • Ivan
    i got the package after a week. it found a small spot of green mold. after removing the spot everything grew normal. however the end product is very nice and potent.

  • Serpka
    Very good Kit, good mushroomst too. Excellent packaging to Germany from belgium. Super Sache nur zu empfehlen, aber bei mir war das erste Ergebnis so : 120g, 30 g, 2 g .... Trotzdem super sache

  • Billy
    Woopy Shroom this... Arrived on time as usual. 1 Week in more or less. Growing vise, all excellent. On my 4th flush, and i'm in over 650 g fresh. The effects and vibes match the name "Mckennaii" Exceptional Vibe. <3 Great process of thought and clarity. Can be intense, and very informative if taken alone, i recommend to prepare a bit, in terms of Inner dialog with the Mushy. List of questions, to put the beautiful energy waves flowing in the desirable direction. Also Great with ya buddy's. Took some with my sister, perfect bonding agent as one would expect. Easy and emphatic feel, very connective. Definitely will dissolve unwanted belief systems, and rediscover ones identity. Or towards it. :P All and all. Excellent product and alive, in terms of inhabiting energy. Fairly visual with open eyes, a different galaxy when closed. Long term positive effect after the trip is guaranteed. Productivity, creativity, etc. You name it. Took from 3-5 g dried. For starting i;d suggest going for 3g.

  • Traducido de Samoan Serpka
    Very good kit, good mushroomst too. Excellent packaging to Germany from Belgium. Great thing to recommend, but for me the first result was like this: 120g, 30 g, 2 g .... Still great thing

  • Traducido de German Prayer
    Mega Starke Visuals, had eaten about 50 grams of fresh, that was too much! ^^ I then lay on the floor and pushed me blatant films, it was still a great feeling and the trip dominated in a pleasant way .... When it comes to fresh mushrooms: 30 grams - Violent 15 grams are normal and dry: 2- 3 grams normal strength> 5 grams - hard trip (only for psychonauts) but everyone should know what is good and what is bad for you!

  • Traducido de French tom
    I made an order of mckennaii I let it be received very well but no effect on all the harvest = (

  • Traducido de German Steven
    Hi Shayaneur's! For me first delirium with salvia with this rather quiet mix well frankly not disappointed, personally I put it in a pipe (like a crack pipe, without water) with storm lighter (blue flame for better performance during combustion of the sheet) and well jpeux tell you that it dislodges well for 3/4 minutes !!! I took myself for a peleteuse when cutting a 4 quarter, then I turned into a fan and I went around in circles in the living room but the worst thing is that I was more or less concious but in the impossibility of controlling myself, not to mention giggles or other cries of joy in short a good delirium to try !!! Peace

  • Traducido de German KörperKlaus
    Salut à tout monde! Colis reçu in 3 hours, merci beaucoup! Franchement, très contente, l'effet est bien là, je recommande!

  • Traducido de French Nero
    Very satisfied ! Despite the little information I had about the shoot I still managed to grow these brain wonders! Very good result for the Premier Flush the second is slowly maturing. Thanks Shayana!

  • Traducido de French piero
    I must have come across the wrong growbox, I had mushrooms, but very small, all stunted, all degenerate koi. absolutely nothing to do with Ecuadorians! with the equats, I took out a 32gr, there I was happy with the trip! mckennaï, I wouldn't take it back.

  • Traducido de German Benjamin
    Ordered last Thursday, today the week after (Friday) the package came, so delivery time 8 days is okay, comes with DPD and not DHL. The 5 Free Cannabis seeds were also included post in 12-14 days.

  • Traducido de German Michael
    Simply the hammer delivered quickly, grew quickly and the flush was simply the best, order again and again!

  • Traducido de French leslie
    box received in less than 6 days the cultivation begins today (box nickel and seeds too) thank you shayana !!!

  • Traducido de German Bartlomiej
    Hi, so first flash around 160 grams wet ... big healthy mushrooms :) okay!

  • Traducido de German Tom
    TOP !! ordered the last wednesday and came reliably the next night. now only let it grow and dry I keep you up to date!

  • H
    Very very visual trip with 5gr. dry.. Thanx shayana :)))

  • Traducido de German Bartlomiej
    Arrived after 8 days! Boy!!! And that from Holland !! 1A BOY! Activated today! Now just wading! After harvest I'll let you know !!

  • Traducido de German Peter
    I still have some good news for one of the 2 boxes: after more than four weeks, one of them still came on. The other one is still lost, but at least one is saved. Because I have already rated them negatively, here is a positive rating! The harvest is not that big (around 150g) per flush, now comes the 3rd, but they are a lot more potent than the predecessors of the same variety, and at least I'm glad I didn't have to throw the box away :-) Thanks Kind regards Wolf

  • Thomas
    it arrived in four days, discretely packed, taken quite a while to fruit though, over three weeks and i'm just noticing first few pins, might advice leaving the box to colonise for a couple more days before putting into humidiity bag, will update on potency, yield etc

Mckennaii Kit de Cultivo – Mediano

ATTENTION: No ordene más de 2 growkits para asegurar una mejor entrega de su paquete!

La variedad Mckennaii debe su nombre a Terence Mckenna, el conocido partidario del uso (responsable) de los psicodélicos. Es una variedad relativamente nueva, pero ya se ha convertido en una de las favoritas de los cultivadores de hongos. Los hongos Mckennaii no crecen grandes en tamaño, pero los brotes son grandes en número. Y, aunque podría ser un poco más sensible durante el proceso de crecimiento, el cultivador será recompensado con un ráfaga de poderosos hongos. Déjese llevar por unas imágenes impresionantes y un buen humor en general.


Cosecha media de 400 gramos entre 2-3 semanas
Posibilidad de flushes múltiples


Nota: para obtener resultados óptimos al utilizar un dispositivo de calentamiento, evite el contacto directo entre la superficie de calentamiento y el kit de cultivo. Si no puede crear espacio, use un pedazo de cartón o una toalla doblada.
ALMACENAJE: Todos los kits han sido inoculados con el micelio de Psilocybe Cubensis y el sustrato ha comenzado a ser colonizado. La situación óptima es que el kit se ponga en marcha inmediatamente después de recibirlo. Sin embargo, si realmente necesitas esperar algunos días, puedes guardar el kit en la nevera durante un máximo de 1 mes. Después de ese período de tiempo, el crecimiento puede verse comprometido.